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Sous le Pont XX

Christian Gastaldi

  • Mixed Media
  • Papier
  • Original, Unikat
  • Größe: 33cm x 24cm
900 €


Christian Gastaldi is a French artist who develops his own artistic language by creating painting-like dynamic compositions from diverse materials such as recycled paper and typographies. For Christian, art has its own universal language, which he uses to communicate with the spectator through composition, rhythm and colour. His works, filled with reused and often underestimated materials, give a new meaning to communication and dissolve geographical and language barriers.

Christian Gastaldi: “I conceive my creation as a painter, even though I hardly use paints. I conceive my creation as a poet, even though I systematically destroy the words to only retain fragments, meaningless onomatopoeia of the modern Babel.

My preferred materials are those that can be found in the streets, having suffered the passing of time or those, whose mundane functions do not spontaneously elect them as art material. I aim to bring out the ‘humanity’ and the fragility I perceive in those.”

Torn posters and paper on cardboard, framed in a white object frame. All artworks are originals, signed by the artist and come with a signed certificate of authenticity. Delivery in perfect condition, directly from the artist’s studio.
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Zusatzinformation ▼

Titel Sous le Pont XX
Künstler/in Christian Gastaldi
Medium Mixed Media
Druck Qualität Nein
Material Papier
Untergrund Pappe
Art Original, Unikat
Stil Abstrakter Expressionismus
Thematik Text
Entstehungsjahr 2010
Format Vertikal
Maße 33cm x 24cm
Farbe Bunt
Signiert Ja, Rückseite
Rahmung Gerahmt, ohne Glas
Ready To Ship 1-3 Tage

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